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I attended the Sisterhood Soirée event May 2018 and heard Elizabeth Harris share her testimony of survival. I love the realness of her message. She was very transparent in her delivery and I could feel the sincerity in her voice as she explained how her upbringing did not produce the lifestyle she lived. She is pure in heart and I can tell she really wants people to know their worth and not succumb to a life of crime. The passion she has for Second Chance Men and Women is unexplainable. Who better to reach a population of prisoners than a loving and caring woman like Elizabeth who will tell the truth and shame the devil! Thank you Elizabeth for being open to healing and teaching me to give myself a second chance as well as others.


Photographer of A&J Photography

As I attended the Soirée event, I was appreciative to the transparency the love and the message that took place. I felt like anything said on that date was safe. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your story and not holding anything back and allowing it to be a healing moment for those in need. 



Creator of Step In. Step Up. Step Out!

I'm so grateful we had Elizabeth Harris as a panelist at our

“Step In. Step Up. Step Out!” event. Her dynamic presentation

was personable, transparent, and well-received by our guests. Elizabeth’s use of actionable advice through examples from her testimony, her genuine concern, and her spirit-filled demeanor allowed the attendees to see what is possible after experiencing a life-altering event. Mrs. Harris encouragement for women to look beyond what was for what shall be is simply powerful.


When selecting an impactful speaker who displays a passion for others as well as a sensitive approach for your upcoming event, Mrs. Elizabeth Harris should be at the top of your list. I continue to receive feedback from attendees expressing how much Elizabeth has opened the floodgates and inspired them to forgive themselves, see beyond their circumstances, and are putting in the work to change their lives. It was a pleasure to work with her from beginning to end.


Case Manager, Ohio Reformatory for Women

Hewitt and Elizabeth let me first start be saying thank you for taking the time to speak with the ladies at ORW.  Your words were a powerful testament of hope and encouragement that so many of our residents need to hear. 

Please continue to be the light people need to see and hear!  



Elizabeth was a speaker at my first Sisterhood Soiree event and she was phenomenal!  Her talk was about transformation. She took us on a journey of her life. She was very transparent and relatable. Everyone in the room was engaged and intrigued by what she had to say. I appreciate how she brought in personal elements of her own story. Our attendees also had a chance to interact with her one on one and nothing but positive feedback was given! Elizabeth empowered our women’s group by letting them know it’s never too late to make a conscious change for the better.  She is an advocate and a cheerleader for all women. I especially liked how she focused on starting anew. We enjoyed her tremendously! 



On behalf of the Northeast Reintegration Center's (NERC) staff and resident population I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you each of you for your presentation as our facility celebrated 2018 Black History Month. NERC is committed to mending the lives of our residents with the ultimate goal to reduce their rate of recidivism. I am confident that presentations like yours, that contain such powerful words of encouragement and personal testimonies, will only benefit those in attendance. The residents found the experience both positive and inspirational.


The term trail blazer comes to mind when I think of how you candidly delivered the message, "Spending even one day in a prison doesn't equate/define who you are as a person or the possibilities that exit beyond the bars"! This message not only boosted the morale of the residents but afforded them an opportunity to see firsthand what a positive nurturing relationship looks like. Your work as a couple, without question, is blazing a trail for those that may have lost their way and for this we applaud you.


Thanks again for all you've done and continue to do to help us accomplish our mission and vision. We sincerely, look forward to working with you (two) in the future. 

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