Two Wrong Turns. One Restored Couple.

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Christian Husband-and-wife team Hewitt “Tuey” and Elizabeth Harris may not share the same beginnings, but their individual journeys of destruction and redemption led them to God, each other, and audiences to share why everyone deserves a second chance at living their best life through Christ.

The couple married in 2016 after overcoming their personal barriers. Tuey is a native of Toledo, OH and was raised by a single mom who suffered from a mental illness. He grew up consumed by anger and bitterness as he navigated through the hardships of a single parent home. From Ohio to California, Hewitt became involved with the wrong influences. His path led to one night that changed his entire future. At 17 years old, Tuey Harris was involved in an accidental shooting that took the life of another teen. He was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and spent the next fourteen years of his life in prison. Hewitt went to prison as a boy and returned to society as man who had to learn the responsibilities of adulthood from the bottom up.

Nearly 200 miles away, the woman that would later become the love of his life struggled with her own demons. Born in traditional suburbia, Elizabeth lived what most would consider a “normal life”.

She participated in beauty pageants, was a model and a dancer, and attended Church with her family -- until she met a man who changed her world. Intrigued by money and a fast lifestyle, Elizabeth began writing bad checks, forging signatures, stealing identities, and embezzling money. Her lifestyle eventually caught up with her, and she served three different sentences in prison that caused her to lose custody of her children to foster care and become disowned by her family.

Both Tuey and Elizabeth survived life-changing prison terms; however, the real challenge emerged when they re-entered mainstream society. With judgment from others and little support, they individually learned how to rely on God’s Grace to see them through adversity. The realities of homelessness, rejection, the lack of skills, and the temptation to return to a life of crime did not stop either of them from believing and successfully achieving a second shot at life.


Today, the couple speaks to churches, nonprofits, and groups to restore a sense of dignity and confidence in listeners by helping them choose to turn their lives around through hard work, determination, and faith. Drawing from their personal experiences, Hewitt and Elizabeth Harris engages audiences through their transparent and relatable approach to storytelling and their passion to help formerly incarcerated individuals find redemption and a meaningful lifestyle through Christian principles.



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